Hey. I'm Carrie.

I tell stories with sound. True stories, dramatic stories, funny stories, thoughtful stories. But most importantly, engaging stories.

My happy place is lending my creative and technical expertise to help storytellers find their voice and execute their vision. 

Are you ...

I've been in the industry creating hit shows for myself and others for 9 years. I know my way around every facet of audio storytelling because I also shape the concepts and tools of contemporary podcasting. 

So what is it that I really do? 

From developing an idea, recording high-quality audio, logging tape to finding the heart and tone of a series, then scripting, to editing and assembling voices with rhythmic nuance, designing supporting sonic characters, then mixing and mastering, always leading with story + sound.

I also offer professional development for industry insiders (and those hoping to be). Currently, my focus is on audio technology, audio engineering for spoken word, and dialogue editing. 

You want to tell an exceptional, impactful story. I want to tell stories with sound, artfully. We should totally connect

Plus, I wear glitter cat ears. Maybe I'll even give you a pair.

Hear my work on...

I know the power of the spoken word.

Having that familiar voice in my ear week after week made me a better mother partner collaborator creative boss advocate citizen human. So, I work to ensure we're building an equitable, profitable industry that makes podcasting professionals better humans. That's why I co-founded Just Busters, a community that serves marginalized podcasting professionals. I write industry (often controversial, very necessary) think-pieces on Medium and for The Podcast Host. Podcasting taught me to lead with my core values: curiosity, empathy, joy, advocacy, and authenticity. 

Upcoming Workshops...

Dialogue Editing for Scripted Podcasts:  TBD

Meet Me At...

Live Recording of Podcast Editors Mastermind April 20, 2023

She Podcasts Live Washington, DC June 19-22, 2023  [My hometown!!! Go eat here]

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Looking for my articles? They're found on Medium and The Podcast Host

Looking for my courses? Find them here.